Wedding Villa Balbianello – Como Lake Wedding Photographer

“Beauty is power, a smile is his sword”, admiring the images of Vincenzo Santarella, wedding photographer on Lake Como, this sentence of the English playwright Charles Reade, dresses up of

Wedding on Garda Island – Villa Cavazza

Sara and Edgard with their refined photographic reportage accompany us in an atmosphere where different cultures and worlds merge, in a fairytale dimension suspended on the water like that of

Wedding in Villa Cimbrone – Ravello – Amalfi Coast

Daniele, wedding photographer in Naples, involves our senses with images of rare elegance. Unique photos taken in the magical setting of a wedding in Villa Cimbrone in Ravello. He tell us

Wedding In Venice – Hotel Ca’Nigra

Venice with its imposing history, its ancient palaces that are mirrored with pride unchanging over time and seem to swing on the silent canals. Venice with its narrow, romantic paths,