Sicily Wedding Photographer


Successive invaders have enriched this magical island with layers of history and cultural treasures. Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards have left behind ancient temples, Roman amphitheaters, castles, Baroque churches and magnificent palaces.

Just across the strait of Messina from the Southern Italian mainland, Sicily is a dry mountainous island blessed with citrus groves and grand wine estates, caressed by the aquamarine Mediterranean Sea.

Palermo and Taormina stand out as Sicily’s best wedding destinations. Palermo is a cosmopolitan tapestry of beautiful Baroque buildings in red sandstone; its ornately decorated Churches, many of them Unesco World Heritage sites, provide a spectacular setting for our photographer to create beautiful images.

Taormina is a chic town perched on a cliff with panoramic views of Mount Etna, Sicily’s volcano, and the stunningly iridescent sea 200 meters below. Taormina first found fame in the 18th century as a Grand Tour destination for European aristocrats. Today it is a sophisticated and elegant resort town with designer shops and fashionable restaurants, which make it a popular choice for a destination wedding in Italy. Sicily is a melting pot of cultures, a Sicilian wedding is permeated with Italian, Greek, Arab and Spanish influences which filter through the food, wine and music. Sicily, with its Mediterranean climate, ancient architecture and beautiful beaches is a photographer’s dream landscape. Morlotti Studio are widely regarded as the best wedding photographers currently working in Italy, we look forward to capturing the romance and elegance of your Taormina wedding.