Apulia Wedding Photographer


Puglia is a rural idyll for those seeking an Italian destination wedding full of rustic charm set amongst ancient olive groves and vineyards. Located in the southern most heel of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula, Puglia is blessed with 500 miles of azure coastline. Bathed by the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, it has a mixture of beautiful sandy bays, rocky inlets and quaint clifftop fishing villages.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and the Knights Templar have all left their mark on this magical place. Gothic  cathedrals, romantic castles, Baroque churches, palaces and whitewashed hilltop villages provide the perfect backdrop for our photographer to document your wedding.

Religious and folkloric traditions of this region are kept alive in the lights, colors and sounds of vibrant festivals honouring patron saints and local culture. The Tarantella, a famous local folk dance, is still celebrated in Salento with La Notte della Taranta (“The Night of the Tarantula”) folk music festival.The main towns of Bari and Lecce are great places for your guests to experience the more cosmopolitan pleasures of sightseeing and shopping. They can also sample the local gastronomic delights like orecchiette (ear shaped) pasta, creamy burrata cheese and Negroamaro wine.

This rural part of Italy evokes a dreamy romantic setting for a wedding, whether it’s in the midst of the conical shaped Trulli huts, unique to this area, or the stone masserie farms now converted to luxury hotels. Puglia offers the perfect outdoor location for our photographer to create beautiful images of your wedding. Morlotti Studio’s Italian wedding photographers are looking forward to capturing the romance and rustic charm of your Puglia wedding.